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Greg Favazza, a military veteran and baccalaureate Sciences of Organizational Leadership student, is your number one source for profanity and theatrics, delivering you real actionable advice by challenging his guest and their claims, and keeping you coming back every Wednesday, for the next long-form episode release.

Your Transformation Station is helping you outgrow your leadership and yesterday’s frameworks of health and wellness. New ways of seeing are already here.

Catch up on what you have missed from our in-depth perceptions on leadership science, relationships and intelligence, your blueprint for organizational culture, and the collective mindset.

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Sep 30, 2021

Greg Favazza, Creator and Host of Your Transformation Station, interviews Johnny Crowder, the CEO and Founder of Cope Notes, the mental health text messaging platform.

Greg Favazza and Johnny Crowder discuss the origin of the company, and the reason why Cope Notes was created. As an individual who suffered mental health crises, Johnny Crowder grew frustrated and dissatisfied with the industry's approach to mental health, and the standard being the person suffering initiates the request of the care, when experiencing difficulty with emotional distress and motivation. He expresses that the years leading up to the creation of Cope Notes, there were many flaws he encountered in the mental health system and wanted to create something more proactive. Cope Notes is a messaging application that uses daily text messages that combine peer support and positive psychology to help improve mental and emotional health.